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Minutes & Resolutions

Resolutions of the 61st meeting of the BMLC November 1998 - CSIR Conference Centre

Resolution #1
That the membership of the PPGS Committee remains unchanged or provide monitoring and feedback on PPGS activities in the industry.

Resolution #2
That the BMLC adopts the vision and mission statements suggested by the interim steering committee on a national laboratory accreditation system. The BMLC would support the following:

  • facilitating the creation of a body to champion this process;
  • creating awareness of quality management;
  • facilitation of the unification of all role players;
  • the implementation of a single accreditation system, and provision of
  • supportive and realistic guidelines for its use.

Resolution #3
That the BMLC sub-committee on modified binders, convened by DR Rossman, be asked to develop a revised specification with suitable performance-based procedures. This should adequately ensure quality control measures during manufacture, handling and application.

Resolution #4
That the BMLC recommend to Sabita that:
a) the current database on bitumen properties be expanded to include:

  • available historical data
  • expansion of data collection to plant and field levels for specific projects

b) conclusions drawn from the information available be presented at CAPSA ‘99

Resolution #5
That the BMLC recommend that the Society for Asphalt Technology develop links with established activities aimed at school level in order to educate and inform on the opportunities available in the black-top roads industry.

Resolution #6
That, as it affects SMA, the BMLC support:

  • a standard design approach;
  • allowance for changes to the current specification;
  • developing manufacture and placing guidelines, and
  • the inclusion of ASPASA in the introduction of SMAs in SA.

Resolution #7
That the BMLC Steering Committee be mandated to review and comment on issues affecting the membership spectrum of the BMLC as raised in the Enabling Environment Initiatives and the Construction Industry Development Board and the reports on activities in this area be made available to the BMLC.



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