DCP - Dynamic Cone Penetrometer

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About the DCP program

Engineering features: DCP penetration rates (mm/blow); Layer Strength Diagrams; Strength-Balance and Normalised Curves, Single Point and Average analysis; E-moduli with depth.

The latest version of the DCP package (WinDCP 5.0) is now available from the CSIR, Built Environment. WinDCP 5.0 is presented in a completely new, user-friendly format; it offers colour, menu screens, full screen edit and on line help at the press of a button.

The Dynamic Cone Penetrometer (DCP) technology for road pavements originated in the early 1970s at the Transvaal Provincial Administration, Roads Branch (see Plate 1). Since then, DCP data interpretation has improved tremendously owing to the full scale structural evaluation of pavements with the Heavy Vehicle Simulator (HVS) technology. A computerised system was developed in the late 1980's by the CSIR to facilitate the analysis of DCP data.

The first version of the DCP software package was launched in 1989 and has been updated regularly since.

WinDCP 5.0 automatically gives average DCP penetration rates in mm/blow. These are calibrated with Unconfined Comprehensive Strength (UCS) and California Bearing Ratio (CBR). The program classifies the pavement in various categories based on the principle of the structural strength-balance of pavements. The structural capacity of granular and weakly stabilised base pavements is estimated and the DSN800 is calculated. This information is shown graphically in report-ready format for all DCP plots (Layer Strength Diagrams, Balance Curves and Re-defined layers and E-moduli vs depth).

In addition to the selection of variable moisture contents, and road categories, DCP design curves are also presented for heavy, medium or light traffic, as well as the option for User defined DCP design curves. Since the various report options are in electronic format, electronic presentations are now also possible. The on line help also assist the user not only to run the program more effectively, but include also four background papers on DCP. The new look WinDCP 5.0 package gives the engineer or technician an easy-to-use, report-ready analysis of single point DCP data as well as average DCP data.

Plot 1: DCP field curve, balance curve and layer strength diagram (LSD)
Plot 1: DCP field curve, balance curve and layer strength diagram (LSD)
Plot 2: Normalised curve and layer strength diagram (Redefined)
Plot 2: Normalised curve and layer strength diagram (Redefined)
Plot 3: E-moduli versus pavement depth (including redefined E?moduli)
Plot 3: E-moduli versus pavement depth (including redefined E?moduli)

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