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Pavement Analysis and Design Software

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Unfortunately the mePADS software is discontinued from this website for an indefinite period owing to revision of the code. No alternative available.

It should further be noted that associated software for road pavement design is developed by SANRAL under the SAPDM methodology, see

About the Pavement Analysis & Design Software

Engineering features: The Pavement Analysis & Design Software package is based on the SA Mechanistic Pavement Design Method. The software combines a stress-strain computational engine with pavement materials models developed at CSIR Built Environment. Using the Windows Graphical User Interface any pavement system can be quickly defined and analysed for bearing capacity and design reliability. The design outputs include pavement layer lives and contour plots of stresses and strains. 

Load and Evaluation Points
Plot 1: DCP field curve, balance curve and layer strength diagram (LSD)
Pavement and Layer Bearing Capacities
Plot 2: Normalised curve and layer strength diagram (Redefined)
Contour plot of Vertical (ZZ) Stresses
Plot 3: E-moduli versus pavement depth (including redefined E?moduli)
Profile Plot of XX Stress

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