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  Seminars / Meetings

NOTE : the following presentations requires INTERNET EXPLORER 4 or later.

I nternational Pavement Seminar

1) Introduction to CALAPT & CALTRANS research programme by T Hoover

2) UCB APT Programme: Overview of activities and findings by J Harvey

3) Overview of SA APT Programme by Elzbieta Sadzik

4) Latest developments in SHRP/SuperPave by J Harvey

5) Construction and Pavement Performance by J Mahoney

6) SIM technology: local and USA experience by Morris de Beer

7) Overview of other international HVS activities (CRREL, VTI/VTT, WES, FDOT)

The Maintenance Council

The Maintenance Council (TMC) 1999 Fall Meeting: Monday October 11, 1999: Task Force: S.2: Tire and Wheel: Tire Impact on Pavement Damage (Chair: D Walters):

Presentation on Stress-In-Motion (SIM) Technology in South Africa by Dr Morris De Beer of Built Environment, CSIR.




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