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Streaming Video Archive

Bulk Relative Density and Voids
Mositure Content
Penetration Test
Ring & Ball Softening Point Test

To view these videos, first follow these steps:

1. You must have at least Win95/98 or WinNT and at least Internet Explorer 4.You will also need a PC faster than 75 MHz. Windows Media Player must be installed on your machine. 

2. Click here to download Windows Media Player and choose "run from current location" when the download dialog screen appears.

3. Restart you computer (if required), return to this page, and click on the videos on the left side of this page.

4. There may be further installation activities, depending on your PC. After these are completed, you should be able to view the videos.

Warning: These videos are protected by copyrights (SABITA), and are for educational purposes only. You may not download these videos to your hardrives or distribute them. The full versions of these videos may be obtained from SABITA (



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Last Modified on 11 October 1999